Our Philosophy

Holistic Care

Dr. Easton's cat, CupcakeWe consider the whole animal when evaluating options for your pet’s care.

Your pet is also much more than his or her physical body.  She has her own personality, quirks, likes, and dislikes.  He lives in your unique home environment, interacting with you and your family.  You have your own needs, beliefs, and philosophy.  We incorporate all of these factors in your animal’s treatment.

Integrative Care

We recognize the value of both conventional Western medicine and complementary, alternative therapies. When treating a patient, we consider the blend of therapies that is most appropriate for that animal. We work with your primary veterinarian to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Compassionate Care

Our appointments allow us the time to get to know you and your pet well. We listen to both you and your pet, and we will take the time to thoroughly and compassionately address all of your concerns.

Natural Care

We believe that nature is the best medicine, and the foundation of good health is optimum nutrition with fresh, whole foods. Where possible, we utilize non-invasive therapies that stimulate the body’s own ability to fight disease.

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