Large dog, seated

“I use Natural Animal Wellness as a supplement to my primary veterinarian, to achieve additional pain relief for my dog who has lower back bone spurs. This condition induces lameness and mobility issues that traditional medicine only touches.

In addition to traditional drugs, the acupuncture and low-level laser treatments he receives from Dr. Easton, in the relaxing environment of his own home, allow my dog to enjoy his old age to the fullest. Thank you Dr. Easton for being here and filling this alternative medicine need.”

– Kirsti & Mowgli

“Pippi, our then-lively 9-year old beagle, had to have two surgeries to reconstruct both knees just a few months apart. Recovery from the first surgery was long and slow as predicted. It really aged our dog. When the need for the same surgery on her other knee occurred, we knew we had to do something different to help her recuperate.

Happily, this is where the gentle, supportive care given by Dr. LaShelle Easton made such a marked difference in her recovery. The acupuncture and laser therapy treatments provided by Dr. Easton in our home made Pippi noticeably more relaxed and comfortable. Additionally, Dr. Easton’s suggestions for Pippi’s diet and supplements helped her energy level and strength return weeks faster after the second surgery, when compared to the first surgery’s recovery.

Now, at age 10, Pip has sadly been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Once again we have sought out and are appreciating Dr. Easton’s compassionate care. She has helped us understand the multiple options available for treatment, while encouraging us to choose the course of treatment we were comfortable with… and most importantly, has made Pippi comfortable.

We sincerely thank you, Dr. LaShelle. Pippi is living out her days well.”

– Nancy, Larry, & Pippi

“Generally, my dog Roxy is difficult at the vet. She has to be muzzled, is anxious, and is difficult to examine and treat. Working with LaShelle was a completely different experience—she came to my house and gave us a new perspective on Roxy’s arthritis and our stairs. Roxy relaxed on her own bed and had no idea that LaShelle was examining her in between belly rubs. LaShelle treated with cold laser and massage—Roxy calmly enjoyed the attention.

After our visit, LaShelle emailed me a detailed plan of her suggestions for easing arthritis pain in my older dog, taking into account the setup of our house and the requirements of our daily life. Working with LaShelle was a joy for Roxy and me. Roxy has less pain and is more active now.

Thanks LaShelle!”

– Emily & Roxy

“Dr. Easton, Thank you for sharing your very special gifts of healing and compassion.”

– SV & Dylan

Important Announcement

Due to COVID-19 and the sale of our leased building, we have closed our physical location in Twisp.

Dr. Easton is still available via email to answer questions and refill medications for existing clients.

We are not accepting new patients at this time.

We hope to be able to serve you again soon from a new location.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.